Pilot Schemes on Hold in the UK but not elsewhere

Pilot Schemes on Hold in the UK but not elsewhere

Event pilot schemes are on hold in the UK at present but we could have results from other countries to help guide us through the safe opening of large events.

Scientists in Germany are planning an experiment to see how conoravirus may spread at a large-scale concert.  The University Medical Center of Halle is looking for 4,000 volunteers to attend a concert on the 22nd August at Leipzig Arena.

There are three scenarios being tested:

1.  A simulated event with 4,000 visitors and an event sequence as it would have occurred just prior to the pandemic.

2. 4,000 visitors will be admitted to the concert but on the way through they will go through an 'optimised hygiene concept' with some social distancing in place.

3.  2,000 visitors in spectator stands will have a 1.5m distancing rule enforced.

Contact tracers will be provided to all attendees so that critical risk moments and situations can be identified. In addition, fluorescent hand disinfectant will be required to be used frequently throughout the concert for detection by UV light. 

Experiments such of these are groundbreaking and hopefully will help us plan and manage safe events here in the future.

Posted: Wed 05 Aug 2020