The new work / life balance

The new work / life balance

A pandemic isn't the ideal way to address work-life balance issues but nevertheless the impact for most of us has been more family time and it seems for the most we have been enjoying this new found way of working. 

Returning to the office even part-time is bound to cause some anxiety given the devastating impact of Covid-19 on our population. I think anyone will be forgiven for wanting to stay protected, whether vaccinated or not, so, here are some fairly inoffensive ways of feeling that little bit safer:

  • Clear pullup banners
    These can be placed at the corner of a desk and the beauty of them is they are portable so you can move them into a meeting room or even take them to an external meeting if you like.
  • Clear hanging screens
    An almost invisible way of protecting walk through areas in an office is a hanging screen. They are see-through aparrt from where they hang from the ceiling and at the very bottom.
  • Sneeze/cough guards
    If you are dealing with people all day long face to face, you'll feel much safer with one of these in place. People are used to them now so not too many raised eyebrows we think.
  • Branded face masks
    There's a call to reduce wearing face masks but we think there will be plenty around town especially on public transport so why not cover up in style and have your team do the same?

No doubt it will take us all a while to feel completely safe again so don't feel you can't use social distancing tools to help you. 

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Posted: Tue 11 May 2021