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In addition to teardrop flags, feather flags, crest flags and swing arm flags there are lots of other ways you can promote outdoors.  The most popular is the PVC banner, followed closely by the footpath stand/A frame stand.  Whatever your needs, if you have questions please get in touch.

  • All-weather Outdoor Stand 800mm
    800mm wide x 1600mm high outdoor X stand including separate base and single sided PVC print. Weight 1.2kgs
  • All-weather Outdoor Display Kit
    1 x all-weather heavy duty X base banner and stand with print & waterbase and 1 x all-weather small teardrop flag with single sided print, poles, groundspike or waterbase and pole carry bag
  • Everyday Light Outdoor Kit
    1 x everyday small feather flag with single sided print and groundspike or waterbase, 1 x PVC banner 3m wide x 1m high with hemming & eyelets and 1 x 1400mm wide stowaway banner with double sided print
  • In the Field Essentials
    1 x 1.4m wide stowaway banner frame with double sided print, 2 x small everyday teardrop flags with single sided print, groundspikes or waterbases

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