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Terms & Conditions

For the purposes of this document the following terms apply:

  • PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMER is an individual who expresses interest in purchasing products or services from the seller
  • CUSTOMER is an individual who accepts a quote on behalf of an organisation.  The seller does not intentionally sell to consumers
  • SELLER is Strictly Business Ltd (t/a Strictly Banners) registered in England & Wales - No. 6946361
  • TERMS & CONDITIONS refers to this document and any additional or altered written conditions agreed by both parties that may be relevant to an individual transaction
  • WRITING includes email and communication by electronic or postal letter
  • SALE is defined as the customer accepting a quotation and the seller agreeing to sell products and/or services after ensuring availability and other production and delivery variables are able to be met, in line with standard and terms and conditions and any additional written conditions that may have been agreed to during the sale and purchase process


  • The seller will offer a price to a prospective customer through either online (including but not limited to website and online advertising on third party websites) or through email communication.  This constitutes an offer presented to the prospective customer.
  • On acceptance of a written quotation, the customer undertakes to purchase products under the agreed terms of sale. The seller is entering into this transaction in good faith but may withdraw the offer to sell at any time during the transaction without any liability on the seller's part.
  • Third parties acting as agents for the seller are not authorised to vary standard terms and conditions or enter into contracts with customers.
  • If any error or omission is present in written communication from the seller, including invoices or administrative documents, the seller will be at liberty to correct such errors or omissions without any liability on the part of the seller.


  • An order submitted by a customer does not constitute acceptance of that order.  For an offer to be accepted, the seller must confirm acceptance in writing.
  • When purchasing, whether through the seller’s website or directly, the order is not confirmed until the seller has agreed stock availability, timing and any other variables that may affect the seller’s ability to deliver under standard terms and conditions.  In the case of payment being received from a customer and an order not being confirmed by the seller, the seller will communicate with the customer of the need to cancel the order and will process any applicable refund in a timely manner.
  • Once the seller has agreed to accept an order and deliver under agreed terms, on receipt of payment, the customer is bound to complete the purchase.  If the ability of the seller to deliver changes at any time up to delivery of products or services, the customer will be notified in writing and the seller will not be held liable for any cosequences incurred by the customer or the customer's agents for the cancelled order.
  • If the seller agrees with the customer to cancel an order in writing, the customer will be liable to pay the seller for any costs incurred from the time of quote acceptance up to and including the date of order cancellation.
  • It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure the product specifications including size, material and delivery parameters are correct before entering into a transaction.  Sizes and colours may vary slightly due to the complexities of print processes and the seller will not be liable for slight variations in product specifications. Any ‘slight variations’ will be determined by the seller and the definition is at the seller’s sole discretion.
  • The customer will indemnify the seller against all loss, damages, costs and expenses incurred as a result of any legal infringement including but not limited to unlawful use of copyright, design, trademark or intellectual property.
  • Delivery dates issued at the time of quotation are subject to artwork being received in a print ready format and payment being received within the specified timeframe.  Delivery dates are intended as guidelines only and the seller will not be liable for delivery deadlines that are not met as delivery is subject to the service provided by courier and delivery third party companies.  


  • All prices quoted on our website are exclusive of VAT. 
  • Registered charities may provide a registered charity number in which case no VAT will be charged on the order the number was supplied for.
  • Prices may change from time to time on the seller’s website.  If an order has been accepted by the seller from the customer with a lower price than that shown on the seller's website, the lower price will be honoured.
  • A delivery charge will be added to all orders, whether through the seller’s website or through email order. 


  • The seller does not offer credit accounts to customers.  Payment is required to be received by the seller prior to any design and/or production of products.
  • Payment can be made by BACS in which case an invoice will be issued to the customer by the seller to enable the transfer of funds.
  • Payment through the seller’s website can be either as a result of purchasing online or from a link issued by the seller to the customer, by prior agreement.  This may be necessary in the event of bulk purchasing or in payment for a bespoke service, for example.
  • Payment may also be made via the telephone. 
  • Payments made through the seller’s website are directed through a third-party payment gateway and the seller does not have access to credit card details at any stage in the process.
  • Payments made over the telephone will necessitate the customer providing credit card details to a representative of the seller.  These credit card details will only be used by the seller for processing the agreed payment.  The details will not be electronically stored.
  • In the event that a credit card payment or BACS payment is reversed from the seller’s account, the customer will be liable for all costs and expenses in relation to fees and losses incurred by the seller.


The seller is not liable for any injury, loss, act of fraud, negligence or other occurrence related to the production and delivery of products supplied by Strictly Business Ltd (t/a Strictly Banners).

Variations to Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions may be varied from time to time.  They are current as at 1 November 2019.

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