Special Offers & Package Savings

Every quarter we change or add to our special offer products so keep checking back for updates.  We also have two indoor and one outdoor package that we have put together for you.  If you'd like to build your own package and receive a discount, get in touch so we can discuss your needs in more detail.

  • Economy Pull up Banner - 800mm
    Light pull up banner stand, PVC banner print and carry bag.
    GBP 46.00
    GBP 39.00
  • Economy Teardrop Flag Kit - 2.1m
    2.1m teardrop pole hardware, single sided teardrop flag and crossbase or waterbase
    GBP 99.00
    GBP 89.00
  • Essentials Tradeshow Package
    1 x 2m wide economy pullup banner with PVC print and carry bag, 1 x branded table runner on 190gsm polyester and 1 x A3 desktop stand with print
    GBP 269.00
  • Premium Tradeshow
    1 x 2.4m wide tube frame banner wall with double sided fabric print and carry bag, 1 x Z fold literature holder in carry case, 1 x 850mm wide premium pullup banner with PVC print and carry bag
    GBP 549.00
  • In the Field Essentials
    1 x 1.4m wide stowaway banner frame with two installed prints, 2 x 2.2m high teardrop flags with single sided print and groundspikes
    GBP 299.00