Pullup Banners

Pull-up banners printed on PVC or no curl banner use the same templates.



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Economy Pullup Banner
This is an entry level pullup banner suitable for short term promotional use or permanent display. Print is either 440gsm PVC or no curl banner. 
The economy pullup comes in three sizes, 800mm wide, 850mm wide and 1m wide.
Standard Pullup Banner (Mosquito)
This banner is designed for ongoing use. It's the industry leading style available in either 440gsm PVC or no curl banner print.

The standard pullup comes in six sizes; 800mm - 850mm - 1000mm - 1200mm - 1500mm - 2000mm


Premium Pullup Banner

The premium pullup banner is designed to impress with its solid base rather than fold out feet. The base can be adjusted for uneven surfaces. 

This pullup banner is available in two sizes; 850mm wide and 1m wide. Print is either on 440gsm PVC or no curl banner.


Barracuda Pullup Banner

This is a high end pullup banner with a lifetime warranty on the hardware. It comes with a telescopic pole and stylish base.

The Barracuda is available in five sizes all with no curl print as standard: 800mm - 1000mm - 1200mm - 1500mm - 2000mm

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Double Sided Pullup Banners

Perfect for stopping traffic from both directions.  We have two styles to choose from, standard and deluxe.

The standard banner has two fold out feet and comes in two sizes; 850mm and 1000mm, print on 440gsm PVC.

The deluxe banner has a solid flat base and is an industry leading durable banner available in 600mm x 1.8m and  850mm x 2m.  The deluxe banner comes standard with dye sublimation fabric prints. Request design specs


Desktop Pullup Banners

A very portable and easy way to showcse your brand or reinforce your message on the go. 

We have the desktop banners available in A4 and A3 size.  They are supplied with single sided print on PVC.

For artwork use standard A4 or A3 sizes with 3mm bleed on all edges.