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Ruth McChesney

I have enjoyed a long career in marketing, in fact spanning over 30 years but it didn't start there!

My journey began as a legal executive in my 20's.  Back then it was a more personal role, working directly with clients and taking satisfaction from helping them. Over time the role embraced new technology which increased efficiency but unfortunately left me feeling a little mechanical so I pursued a new career path.

Juggling children and a newly acquired role as a Sales & Marketing Manager, I spent five years part-time at Kingston University, finally emerging with a short list of postgraduate qualifications capped off by an MA in Marketing.

In total, prior starting a marketing consultancy for small & medium sized businesses in 2001, I had amassed 11 years in corporate marketing roles and had hands-on experience in:

  • designing marketing strategies
  • preparing tactical marketing plans and budgets
  • internal and external communications
  • copywriting, editing and publishing
  • customer acquisition and retention
  • market research design, implementation and analysis
  • design & print including agency relationships
  • campaign management with data analysis
  • new product development and launches

My real passion in life is helping people so establishing a marketing consultancy would ultimately satisfy me personally and professionally, which it did.  I grew my small business to a network of 30 consultants with four physical offices and worked with hundreds of clients myself.  Proudest moments included the business award winners that attributed a good portion of their success to the practical help that we had provided them.

Clients were from all manner of industries and included many not for profit organisations. I went on to serve as a Charitable Trust Board member and also mentored budding entrepreneurs from another local charity.

In the early 2000's many of my clients had a need for good quality, affordable tradeshow banners and at that time solutions tended to be expensive and not altogether practical for a 'one-man setup' scenario. With that in mind I started sourcing better display solutions and built an entirely new business around helping people promote their organisations professionally on a smaller budget.

Many of our customers are charities and I attribute the success of our banner & display business to our attitude.  I personally care whether our customers have what they need on time and within budget and long-term relationships built on trust are far more important to me than making a sale. 

I have held corporate marketing contracts over the past few years but have always found myself pleased to be back working where I can add the most value, with smaller organisations.

I'm happy to answer any questions!

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